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Rangers Ministry Academy

Effectively teaching boys leadership principles that will equip them to become Christlike Servant Leaders is not an easy task. The Rangers Ministry Academy has carefully compiled training every Ranger Leader needs in order to be effective in ministry. The fundamental goal of training is to inspire, mobilize, and provide resources to leaders, empowering them to achieve their greatest success and effectiveness.

To accomplish this feat, the national Royal Rangers office has introduced a streamlined process to reflect the renewed focus on our original mission and purposes of the ministry and to reflect the added competencies to include camping, sports, trades, technologies, and arts. In the outpost leaders advancement levels, adult leaders complete a four-step training process—ready, safety, trained, and advanced—based on a new dynamic and interactive training model. In each class, they are:

challenged spiritually and equipped to evangelize and disciple boys and young men.

shown how to offer a diverse program of activities—including outdoor skills, sports, trades, technologies, and arts—to develop relationships and mentor future men.

inspired to work cross-functionally with other ministries of the church.

taught to develop junior leaders so that Royal Rangers is a boy-led, adult-facilitated ministry.

Teaching boys to be leaders must take place in the local outpost by men who emulate these leadership characteristics. This can be reinforced through our District's Junior Leadership Training Academy which takes place every year prior to Pow-wow. Training will help Royal Rangers strengthen its leadership core. Church leadership believes that well trained leaders are the key to any ministry's success. Pastors understand that a trained volunteer is much more likely to commit their time and can be counted on to show up every week. For these reason, and others, the Royal Rangers program places a high priority on leader training. 

What Does OLAL Stand For?

OLAL or Outpost Leader Advancement Levels are a streamlined training process with clear objectives and achievable goals. These combine local training offered by the district and national training events designed to equip leaders with the skills needed to be an effective leader in the local outpost.

How Do I Get Trained?

Training takes place in multiple formats by different sources each year. Classes such as Ranger Basics and Ranger Essentials are offered at the District Leaders Conference in April or contact our District Training Coordinator to host our October training session. You may take Safety in the Church as an online component along with a host of other optionalContinuous Learning Electives (CLE's) here. National Training courses such as National Rangers Ministry Camp (NRMC), National Elementary Educators Conference (NEEC), andWorld Class Outpost (WCO) are offered throughout the year in various locations around the country. Check the National Royal Rangers ministry website for these training opportunitieshere

What order to I need to be trained in?

The training elements do not have to be taken in any specific order. As training elements are available to you, take them so you don’t delay your training process. For example, if Ranger Essentials is available before Ranger Basics, or First Aid/CPR before you take Ranger Safety online, take the available course. Also, if WCO is available before NRMC or NEEC, take it.

Where do I find the requirements to advance through the OLAL?

You can find all of the OLAL information and application forms on the National Royal Rangers website or by clicking here.