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There is nothing like sitting around a blazing campfire, worshiping the Lord while fellowshipping with your best friends. As a member of Frontiersmen Camping Fellowship, you enjoy a bond stronger than any other friendship. As a member of Frontiersmen Camping Fellowship (FCF), you will meet many new brothers, see nature like you’ve never seen it before, and get to experience life as the mountain men did back on the frontier.

What Is Frontiersmen Camping Fellowship?

The American frontiersman was an excellent example of man’s ability to adapt to the outdoors and the wilderness. His achievements were also an example of courage and determination. As an Adventure or Expedition Ranger or Leader, you have an opportunity to join an elite group within Rangers. Boys may enter by earning either the Discovery Rangers Gold Eagle, Bronze Medal, or E1; and upon successful completion of Frontiersmen Action Camp (FAC) you may become inducted into this fellowship of men. Men must complete the Ready and Safety levels of the Outpost Leader Advancement Level (OLAL), be a member of a chartered outpost, and be in good standing in their local church. Knife and hawk throwing, flint 'n steel firestarting, blackpowder shooting and the like are all activities that take place at a typical FCF event. Whether competition or fellowshipping with the guys around a project circle, there is plenty to experience, see, and taste.

The camps listed below were designed to help you select your FCF trade and persona. They will also help you learn the skills needed to advance and serve.

Spring Trace

Statewide Camp

Fall Trace