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FCF Privisions Weekend

Provisions Weekend is a one day event where all Frontiersmen gather together to increase your outfit and accouterments. Make sure to bring your projects and materials, or purchase some while you're there. There will be a limited supply of chair and table kits so come early! Demonstrators will include:

General Instructions:

This is an FCF event to help enrich your outfit and tools. Come dressed comfortably in work attire.

Feel free to bring a comfy chair,

a cooler of coke (or your favorite soda), and snacks.

Bring your trade items and tools, to demonstrate and teach new members. 

There will be limited supplies for crafts (those pre-registered get first dibs).

You are welcome to bring items to sell or trade, but please remember: don’t over-price your items, put them well within financial reach. Be generous to a fault Ad dare servire!