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Welcome to Ranger Kids

Ranger Kids is a fun, activity-based church ministry for boys in Kindergarten to Second Grade. 

You will participate in weekly small group meetings under the leadership of capable men and women who will deliver the seven experiences of Royal Rangers to help shape your character:

CONNECT with friends.

DO fun activities.

GROW in your relationship with God.

LEARN new things in interactive ways.

BELONG to a wholesome community of godly men.

LEAD yourself and influence others.

SERVE others selflessly.

What Does a Ranger Kid Do?

Rangers is fun and meaningful so you will enjoy yourself with great friends and adult leaders who will guide and support you on your journey to becoming a Christlike leader. Ranger Kids meet weekly at an Assembly of God church in your area. There you will earn badges that will teach you skills from how to tie knots to being a great helper in your church and community. As you grow bigger, you will be given more and more responsibility that will boost your confidence and leadership abilities.

What do I need to bring to Rangers?

Your church will let you know what uniform they prefer, but most Ranger Kids wear a vest on which they proudly display their patches. Every boy needs a Ranger Kids handbook in which their leaders can mark off their progress and parents can learn more about what you need to learn. We also encourage you to bring your Bible and $1 collection (called dues) to your weekly meetings.

As a guy, you'd often like to bring show-and-tell items. This is a great way to share your interests and build relationships with others, but we encourage your parents to review these items beforehand to ensure appropriateness and responsibility levels.

What events can I take part in?

Ranger Kids are invited to take part in Sectional Ranger Kid Camps and Ranger Derby Car Races. Your Outpost will also have events planned for you at the local group level. Just remember this: Royal Rangers is a series of experiences. You do fun things and learn new skills. The best experiences aren't confined to a meeting room.

How does a Ranger Kid behave?

As Rangers we live by a code that defines us. By being Alert, Clean, Honest, Courageous, Loyal, Courteous, Obedient, and Spiritual we share our confidence and God's love with others. You stand out and attract others by being a man of God.

Where is the closest location?

Royal Rangers is in 87 countries around the world, and is accepted as the premier mentoring ministry in over 80 Christian denominations! Click HERE for the Outpost locator! 

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